Have you ever used ‘Google translate’ or ‘Grammarly’ or while typing in Gmail have you ever wondered how does it knows what word I want to type so perfectly? The answer is using a recurrent neural network (RNN), well to be precise a modification of RNN. The entire list of…

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In our previous article, we saw how an RNN works and briefly touched upon the fail case of simple RNN.In …

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A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.

- Groucho Marx

Anyone who has been to a hospital or has had someone dear to them in a hospital knows how awful an experience it can be. Nobody wants to spend a single hour extra on a hospital…

(An end to end Machine learning case study)

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If you have ever paid for insurance premiums you might have wondered why is the cost of these premiums keeps on increasing.There are several reasons behind it but one major reason is when dishonest people take money from insurance companies they don’t deserve ,it results in an increase in…

Baivab Dash

Mechanical Engineer--AI Enthusiast

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